The Herpetological Section brings together both reptile and amphibian lovers. From small newts to slightly bigger salamanders, through jumping frogs, all the way to armored turtles, speedy lizards, and slithering snakes, we have it all.

During the colder months of the year, we stay inside and learn about the herpetofauna, but as soon as it gets warm, you can see us trudging through ponds or squatting in a bush and walking through forests, meadows, and quarries in search of the coldblooded bastards we all love so very much. All of this, of course, in a lighthearted atmosphere accompanied by a great team.

Our goal is to raise awareness of just how endangered these species truly are and to teach in which way to best protect them.

Come, see, learn.

Because it’s always fun with Herps around.

So with some light snacks and a few beers, join us in pursuit of the coolest critters nature has to offer.

Section e-mail: bius.herpetoloska.sekcija@gmail.com

Section leaders: