SiSB or the Symposium of Biology Students is an international, two-day symposium held at the Biology Department of the Faculty of Science in Zagreb.  The symposium gathers pupils, students and all other biology lovers with the aim of spreading knowledge and ideas from biology and its many branches and disciplines.  This event represents an excellent opportunity for students to present their own works, socialize and exchange experiences with colleagues, make new acquaintances, and find new ideas that will contribute to the popularization of biology as a science.

At the symposium, it is possible to participate as an active or passive participant. This year as a passive participant you can participate live or online via the Zoom platform (applications for online participation will open at the beginning of April).

Applications for live passive participants last from 1st of March until 19th of May. Price includes lectures, workshops, materials, and lunch. Application form:

Registration fee:

EARLYBIRD:  8 Euros (from the 1st of March until 30th of April)

REGULAR: 10 Euros (from the 1st of May until 19th of May)

*The registration fee is paid no later than 3 days after we notify you by email that you have been accepted and send you all the information necessary for payment.*

Please note that this year we have capacity to receive 130 live passive participants. Given that we do not have any acceptance criteria, applications work on a “first come, first served” basis.

SiSB 2023.

 We invite you to SiSB 2023. Register and present your work, discover what your colleagues have prepared for you, make new acquaintances and, finally, have fun inspiring each other.

 This two-day symposium allows you to deepen your love for biology and discover all its diversity and beauty through a diverse and rich scientific-professional and social program.

 For all information about the opening of applications and other news, follow us on our Instagram   and Facebook profile or contact us by e-mail .

See you on May 27th and 28th, 2023 live at PMF and online.  We are looking forward to your arrival!