In Vivo

In Vivo is a student journal of the Biology Students Association – BIUS. Writing articles and editing each issue are attended by students as well as teachers and assistant lecturers from the Department of Biology (Faculty of Science, Zagreb).

The main idea of the journal is to write interesting and educational articles through which students can learn something new about topics related to biology and science in general. Additionally, each issue consists of news related to events in BIUS, our assistants and professors, reports on events such as Day and Night at the Faculty of Science, and various symposia, exchanges, field, and professional practices.

We invite all writers, photographers, and those who want to join us to contact us and help us create a new issue of In Vivo!

Editor-in-chief: Marta Kaloper
Editors: David Dianežević, Divna Grabarević i Iva Kuštović
Proofreader: Jakob Šimić



Here you can even listen to the In Vivo biological podcast:



In Vivo issues

You can collect your own issue of In Vivo magazine in BIUS’s room (Trg Marka Marulića 20, 10000 Zagreb), and in the meantime you can read each issue of In Vivo magazine from the beginning until today on this web-page by clicking on the cover of the issue.