Viridi Valle 2024

“Viridi Valle 2024” is a scientific-educational project designed as a students biological expedition to the Neretva valley with the aim of studying ecotoxicological factors to assess the anthropogenic impact on the biological diversity of the area.

The Neretva Valley is a site of exceptional biological diversity located within a highly developed agricultural area, thus representing an ideal model of the direct impact of agriculture on the environment. Various swamp, meadow and freshwater habitats, interspersed with growing areas of different agricultural crops with many methods of cultivation, treatment and processing, give an insight into the complex impact of food cultivation on the environment. The information obtained from the research of place like this enables us to create plans for the protection and preservation of the natural resources of our planet.

Viridi Valle is a week-long project that will take place during July of 2024. The expedition has plans to cover several research areas including: ecotoxicology of aquatic habitats using ichthyological, entomological and malacological methods; ecotoxicology of terrestrial habitats using entomological methods with a focus on pesticides and a detailed inventory of flora and fauna of the area. Through the implementation of this expedition, the participants will gain important experience and improve their skills as young scientists, and through the implementation of education and presentation of the results, the idea of ​​the importance of nature conservation will be brought closer to the inhabitants of our country.

Research like this would help to understand the current state of the environment, and its results would contribute to the improvement of the quality of life with the desire for a brighter future in that region.


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Project organisers:

  • Davor Merkaš
  • Hanna Jandrašek
  • Lea Kanjuh
  • Hana Jurković