Urban Dragonflies

“Urban Dragonflies” is a research and educational project whose goal is to determine the quality of lake areas of the city of Zagreb by inventorying adult individuals of dragonflies (Odonata). Field work will be conducted on three selected locations in Zagreb (Jarun, Park šuma Maksimir, Jezera Savica) once a month. Locations have been selected considering the intensity of the urbanization effect. Dragonflies will be sampled with entomological nets, observed with binoculars, photographed and entered into databases. This research will provide insight into the current state of dragonfly populations in locations where existing data is out of date. The new information will be used in the work of public institutions that manage green areas in the city of Zagreb. The educational part of the project will be carried out with a series of lectures open to the public with the aim of getting to know this vulnerable group better; the participants will have the opportunity to use the knowledge from the lectures on field trips as part of the project. Furthermore, the results of the project will be presented to high school students in the form of educational leaflets, lectures and posters.

If you are interested in any part of the project, whether field or educational, or if you think that you can contribute to the project with your knowledge or ideas, please feel free to contact us:

Project organizers:

  • Hana Jurković
  • Vida Ivanković


Figure 1. One of the lakes in the Savica lakes complex