Žumberak 2020


Author: Marta Justić

“Žumberak 2020” is a project organized by BIUS in cooperation with the Nature Park Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje. It was designed as the 22nd Great Terrain, already a traditional and recognizable link of BIUS Association. As part of the project, the necessary biological research will be carried out in ​​the Park as well as education of the public. The main implementers will be members of the Association.

This project will enable the collection, supplementation, systematization, and valorization of data on selected species and habitats in the protected area. director of the Park Kristijan Brkić, prof.

Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje Nature Park, as one of the youngest nature parks in Croatia, is a center of great cultural, historical, and tourist significance and an area of ​​great biodiversity and beauty of the landscape. There is a great need for biological research in this area and such is planned by this project.

Without a basic knowledge of what and where it inhabits an area, it is impossible to establish effective management of protected areas. Vedran Šegota, dipl. ing. biol.

17 sections of the Association in cooperation with their mentors will conduct biological research in various fields of biology, and the main goal is to collect valuable data on the flora and fauna of the Park as well as to establish a database that will contribute to quality protection and management of this area.

Students on projects of this type develop their organizational skills and become acquainted with work methods that they often do not have the opportunity to see during the full-time study. Ivan Špelić, mag. ing. agr.

By organizing and conducting biological research and data processing, BIUS members will, with the expert guidance of their mentors, provide a basis for their scientific training and will acquire numerous competencies and skills in areas of interest. The project also encourages interregional cooperation and thus enables the exchange of information and experiences between students and experts from Croatia and other countries.

This approach to learning will enable students to expand their applied knowledge, knowledge and skills in biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and other natural sciences, as well as to develop responsibilities for the preservation of nature and the environment. Gorica Grozdanić, prof.

In agreement with the School of Natural Sciences of Vladimir Prelog, pupils, as well as teachers of biology and chemistry, were invited to participate in the field where they were able to connect knowledge and skills acquired in school with the research itself.

Also, we organized lectures on biodiversity and protected areas of Croatia. They are meant for the public to raise awareness about the preservation and importance of nature. Also, local residents and other participants were invited to a volunteer action of cleaning the area of the Park with the same goal of raising awareness and highlighting the problems of nature pollution.

It is important to emphasize the educational and popularizing side of the project, which will certainly raise the awareness of the local community about the importance of preserving biodiversity in the Park. prof. dr. sc. Ivana Maguire

This project continues the long and quality work of the Association and we are grateful to all participants, associations, institutions, and individuals who contributed and supported the implementation of our project!


Author: Petra Vizec

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