WorkIn ’Science (WISe) or Career Day at the Faculty of Science, organized by students, employees, and the Career Center of the Faculty of Science, brings together and represents institutions and companies in various fields of interest. Given that the Association of Biology Students-BIUS has very diverse interests with as many as 20 sections, BIUS was very happy to accept to be the co-organizer of this year’s Career Day so that as many of its members can find their future.

The aim of WISe is to inform and acquaint students of all departments of the Faculty of Science with the labor market and to bring them closer to the possibilities of professional practice and employment during and after their studies. WISe brings together companies and institutions, including those that employ alumni of one or more departments of the Faculty of Science, presents students with potential employers and business opportunities in the profession, as well as other opportunities for their career development.

The next WISe will be held on November 3, 2021  


Each company or institution will be allocated an exhibition space where they will present their materials and be able to communicate directly with students/volunteers. Exhibition spaces will be set up on the premises of the Faculty of Science.

Individual companies or institutions will, for interested participants, hold lectures according to the schedule. In addition, there will be roundtables with alumni to talk about their business successes, as well as a lounge area for more casual communication and networking. Firms and institutions will be enabled to create new and expand existing models of cooperation with students through professional practice, and to find quality potential future employees. 


More about Career Day at the Faculty of Science and Roundtables schedule: https://wise.pmf.unizg.hr/#home


Picture source: https://wise.pmf.unizg.hr/#gallery