Little school of Mammalogy 2021

Little School of Mammalogy is a project organized once a year by the Mammalogy section since 2016. The project gathers all kinds of university students, from those who study biology or some related field to those who have chosen an entirely different professional path, but are interested in learning about mammals, and connects them with experts in the field of Mammalogy. These experts work in various institutions involved in research and nature protection. The idea behind this project is to exchange knowledge, give students an insight into their possible future careers, and promote debates, all through lectures and fieldwork. This year the Little School of Mammalogy will be held on the 9th and 10th of October in Mrkopalj in Gorski kotar.

At the sixth Little School of Mammalogy, two lecturers will introduce us to topics rarely covered in conversations involving mammal research:

  • doc. dr. sc. Toni Safner will talk about planning research and methods often used in research
  • Mladen Zadravec, mag. biol. exp. will present The Hairy Guide to Legislation and Nature Conservation

Particular mammal groups will also be presented:

  • mr. sc. Daniela Hamidović will present Croatian bat species and a member of the Section for bats will join us this year
  • Krešimir Kavčić, mag. ing. agr. will talk about mountain artiodactyls and field research regarding them
  • Vedran Slijepčević, dr. vet. med. will provide an update on the LIFE Lynx project

There will also be outdoor activities. The first field trip will be led by Vedran Slijepčević who will demonstrate some methods of lynx and wolf research and share some of his vast knowledge on the subject. On Sunday, after a lecture about bats, we will visit one of their habitats, the Lokvarka cave.

We are excited to see members of the Mammalogy section, as well as all Mammalogy enthusiasts and lecturers.


The project is partially financed by the Student Union of the University of Zagreb. The recommended measures for the protection from COVID – 19 will be implemented.