Did you know that as many as 50  % of all described vertebrate species in the world are fish species?

This fact doesn’t come as a surprise when you remember that many things about fish are not yet known and that scientists around the world regularly report new discoveries and species – from the dark depths of the sea to the rainy jungles of the Amazon, but also in Europe and Croatia. The diversity and abundance of fish species in Croatia are especially interesting and is due to its geographical location and two river basins (Adriatic and Black Sea Basin) and the Adriatic Sea, which are rich in native, and endemic species with interesting biology, ecology, and evolution. Through various lectures, projects, workshops and field trips, the main goal of the Ichthyology section is to present this group of vertebrates to all interested students and the general public and to point out its importance and beauty.

If you want to dive into this aquatic world with us, learn something new, or just have great fun, feel free to join us on one of our meetings, or even field trips!

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