„No group of plants or animals on the planet exhibits the range of morphological diverisity seen among the extant Crustacea“ is a famous quote from Martin and Davis (2001).

Through interesting lectures, the crustacean section focuses on bringing this diverse group of invertebrates closer to all students. If you would like to learn which crustacean is the biggest and which is the smallest; which crustacean is the strongest and which is faster than Usain Bolt; what to do if a crustacean grabs you by the finger and how rich you would have to be to treat yourself to the most expensive crustacean in the world, this is the place for you! Through fieldwork and laboratory work, we primarily focus on freshwater crustaceans of the family Astacidae, whose diversity in Croatia is extremely large and important.

Dive with us into a wonderful world where we will learn something about the diversity of crustaceans, and expand our skills through fieldwork and projects, all while having fun!

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