The Brain-Gut-Axis

The Brain-Gut-Axis (8th and 9th October) is the first interdisciplinary student conference on the brain-gut axis in Croatia, allowing our bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral students from all around Europe who are highly interested in the topic of microbiota and gut connection to the brain pathologies to listen to the newest concepts from experts in the field.

We aim to stimulate students to connect, pursue knowledge and nourish the principles that are inspiring student researchers and clinicians interested in this innovative field of study through lectures on ground-breaking discoveries and workshops.

Some of the more familiar lecturers that are already participating are prof. Pierre Marrie Lledo from Institute Pasteur Paris, dr. Kristina Endres from the University of Johannes Gutenberg, Mainz, and prof. Sahar El Aidy from University of Groningen, prof. dr. sc. Anne-Katrin Pröbstel from the University of Basel, and we are in the process of gathering other well-known experts with exciting results to share with our enthusiastic students.

This conference is initiated by the Section of Neurobiology of the Association of Biology Students-BIUS  and has achieved cooperation with Student Section of Neuroscience School of Medicine, Student Section of Gastroenterology and Hepatology School of Medicine, Youth Association for Personalized Medicine “PROMISE” and Student Association of Biotechnology Students “USBRI”. Many renowed scientists from Croatian Institute of Brain Research, Institute of Medical Research, Faculty of Science, and Institute Ruđer Bošković as well as clinicians from University Hospitals and Schools of Medicine will participate as lecturers and will provide our participants with valuable knowledge.

Our ultimate goal is to allow students to connect as well as to provide a framework for understanding the complexity of nervous and gastrointestinal interactions. This is how we will raise awareness of the importance of proper perception of the whole organism and microbiota in the context of improving the research approach to neurological and psychiatric diseases and ultimately potential treatments.

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