Endemi Like

“Endemi Like” is an educational-scientific project of the Fish Section with the aim of educating students and the public about fieldwork and the importance of endemic fish species in Lika region in Croatia. Also, in addition to education, one of the goals is to collect data for the scientific community of Croatia and Europe. The main part of the project is focused on endemic fish communities of Krbavsko Field and the river Jadova, such as Krbava and Jadova minnow, Krbava dace, and many others. Fish in this area are exposed to a specific hydrological regime which includes periods of drought during summer that leave the riverbeds completely dry. These unfavorable conditions made an impact on the evolution of fish species that inhabit this region, so these fish acquired special morphological and behavioral adaptations. The specific karst habitat of endemic fish, their ecology, and deficiency of data are some of the main reasons for research and education about the species of this area, as well as the reasons for the implementation of the project “Endemi Like”.


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