Beaver and water 2021

“Beaver and water 2021” is a two-part project, consisting of a research and educational component, which will be carried out through lectures, workshops, and social media posts. The research goal is to study beaver populations and the impact their dams have on the habitat and water ecology. The project was created as a collaboration between the Inner water section and the Mammalogy section. Collaboration was also established with the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of the University of Zagreb through LIFE BEAVER project.

Members of the Freshwater section will analyze physicochemical parameters of the water in the field and in the laboratory, take sediment samples and identify macrozoobenthos in it, as well as determine the amount of organic matter in the sediment. In doing so, they will take samples of the beaver-made lake, as well as upstream and downstream from it. Finally, they will measure the flow velocity before and after the dam.

The Mammalogy section will use trail cameras to determine the number of beavers in individual families. They will calculate the volume of the dam and the physical properties of the lake. Also, with help from the Botany section, the vegetation in the studied areas, as well as the vegetation used by beavers for dam building, will be determined.

In addition to the research, the project will contain an educational part, with lectures for primary and secondary school students, as well as for children in Bioteka. The lectures will also be held for the local communities in areas where the research will take place.

Project leaders:

Ela Pahor and Paula Šašić – leaders of Mammalogy section

Lina Vinković and Lana Židak – leaders of Inner water section

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